Coachella 2011: Chromeo Duo on Ezra Koenig collab, next album

Credit: Eric Helton

The day before Montreal electrofunk duo Chromeo took the stage at Coachella they sat down with Rolling Stone to talk about the gig. "It's always kind of an honor to play here," says the group's singer Dave 1. "Ezra [Koenig] from Vampire Weekend is going to join us for a duet on 'I Could Be Wrong.' We never played the song live, but we figured we'd do it here."

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Dave 1 also said he's already writing songs for Chromeo's next LP – and he chimed in on the endless debate over whether Montreal has better bagels than New York. "Montreal bagels are full of finesse and sophistication," he said.  "It feels like you can taste every sesame seed. You can eat four or five. You eat one New York bagel and you can't go to the bathroom for six weeks."