Green Day: "Stray Heart"

On this nugget from ¡Dos! – the forthcoming second installment in Green Day's trilogy of albums – Billie Joe Armstrong makes like a boy idol over Fifties-tinged blitzkrieg bubblegum, unironically crooning fluffyy school-age angst like "Ohhh, you're the only one that I'm dreaming of/Your precious heart." The buoyant bass line is a direct nick from the Jam's blue-eyed mod classic "Town Called Malice," and the feral wolverine guitars raise rockabilly Hades all over your bedroom. The focused ruckus suggests ¡Dos! will continue ¡Uno!'s trick of trading dystopian Seventies-style rock opera for Sixties-style rock & roll idealism. It's not their most high-concept experiment, but it's a pretty fun one.