The Strokes: "One Way Trigger"

There's something admirably – if not always successfully  – contrarian about the new Strokes single, as if the former fresh princes of Nu Yawk rock would rather jump in front of the L Train than party like it’s 12:51 ever again. "One Way Trigger" is busy, nerf-y synth-rock with an A-ha melody and Julian Casablancas’ voice wafting out of falsetto hell like Kenneth Parcell trying to sing Al Green at the TGS "Farewell Staff!" karaoke party – in symbolic terms, the equivalent of a Connecticut Muffin opening where your favorite Lower East Side dive bar used be. But then The Voice drops down into that New Wave vampire croon, the razor-boy guitars start nosing their way to the front of the dink-bomb mix, the bass gets all subterranean leery and you start to wonder if maybe that that old black leather jacket magic might find a way to come creeping back to life, or even just life support. We'll have to wait and see.