LCD Soundsystem: "Drunk Girls"

LCD Soundsystem's cranky mastermind, James Murphy, is known for skewering his own hipster demographic — see 2002's music-snob-lampooning single, "Losing My Edge." But the dance-rock hero has never done it with the fierceness and catchiness he brings to "Drunk Girls," the first single from LCD's new album. It's Murphy's tightest, most accessible track yet — a four-minute disco party that brings together chugging guitar riffs, hand claps and shrieks, plus a rocket-propelled beat and a buoyant two-word hook ("Drunk girls!") that sounds vaguely Bowie-esque. Murphy needles party-hearty kids who might pack into a club only to "wait an hour to pee." But he also can't resist the allure of a pretty young thing, even if she is a bit wobbly: "I believe in waking up together/And so that means making eyes across the room," he croons on the sincere chorus. "Drunk Girls" isn't a reinvention for LCD Sound­system, but it's sure to induce rampant fist-­pumping from inebriates of both genders.