Song Stories

“You Were Meant for Me”

Jewel | 1997

Jewel Kilcher was in Mexico with then-boyfriend Steve Poltz when the two songwriters came up with this song about not wanting to let go. "We were down there just surfin' together on this nice sunny day, and it was a little union of our thoughts," Poltz said. (Later that day, they found themselves assisting Mexican federales in a large pot bust on that same beach.) The more polished album version of this song was eventually replaced with a simpler one that showcased Jewel's folksy vocals. "Ultimately, if you have emotion, you can actually get away with a little less technical perfection," Jewel said.

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Song Stories

“Long Walk Home”

Bruce Springsteen | 2007

When the subject of this mournful song returns home, he hardly recognizes his town. Springsteen told Rolling Stone the alienation the man feels is a metaphor for life in a politically altered post-9/11 America. “Who would have ever thought we’d live in a country without habeas corpus?” he said. “That’s Orwellian. That’s what political hysteria is about and how effective it is. I felt it in myself. You get frightened for your family, for your home. And you realize how countries can move way off course, very far from democratic ideals.”

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