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EMF | 1991

While many hip-hop acts were sampling musical icons like James Brown, this British dance act sampled an unlikely source in this club rouser: comedian Andrew "Dice" Clay. While video viewers heard Clay's trademark "Oh!", Clay's face couldn't be seen, since the salty-tongued comic had been banned from MTV for life. (Years later, the network lifted the ban.) While EMF had a few other dance hits, "Unbelievable" was forged with the band's identity, due to its rapid success. "Sometimes I wish we could've done it a little more gradually," guitarist Ian Dench said.

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Song Stories

“You Oughta Know”

Alanis Morissette | 1995

This blunt, bitter breakup song -- famous for its line "Would she go down on you in a theater?" -- was long rumored to be about Alanis Morissette getting dumped by Full House actor Dave Coulier. But while she never confirmed it was about him (Coulier himself says it is, however), she insisted the song wasn't all about scorn. "By no means is this record just a sexual, angry record," she told Rolling Stone. "The song wasn't written for the sake of revenge. It was written for the sake of release. I'm actually a pretty rational, calm person."

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