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“Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”

Crosby, Stills and Nash | 1969

Appropriately, “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” was the first song that appeared on Crosby, Stills and Nash’s first album, and was also the first song they performed at Woodstock. While not their biggest hit – perhaps because of its length (7:24) – the suite is a showcase for the group’s signature strong point: harmonies. “The three-part vocal blend was f---ing fantastic,” says Graham Nash. The song itself was written by Stephen Stills, who plays most of the instruments on the recorded version, as a broken-hearted love ballad for his ex-girlfriend, folk singer Judy Collins. Stills stitched different lyrics from different notebooks together, hence the “suite.”

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Song Stories

“Love Is the Answer”

Utopia | 1977

The message of the Beatles' "All You Need Is Love" proved to be a universal and long-lasting one, which Utopia revisited 10 years later on this ballad. "From a lyrical standpoint, it's part of a whole class of songs that I write, which are about filial love," Todd Rundgren explained. "I'm not a Christian, but it's called Christian love, the love that people are supposed to naturally feel because we are all of the same species. That may be mythical, but it's still a subject." Though "Love Is the Answer" wasn't a hit, a cover version two years later by England Dan & John Ford Coley peaked at Number Ten on the Billboard singles chart.

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