Song Stories

“Stillness is the Move”

Solange Knowles | 2009

Solange, Beyoncé's little 'sis, garnered indie cred when Bjork and Grizzly Bear embraced her cover of "Stillness" with her version featuring a sample of Dr. Dre's "Xxplosive", which borrowed from the bass-fueled "Bumpy's Lament". "As soon as I heard the Dirty Projectors song, it sounded like an R&B song," Knowles said. "That happens when I listen to Of Montreal -I can hear so much funk shit that I grew up listening to…There's so many different musical references in everything now that it just makes sense to take advantage of this moment. The white kids aren't going to jack our style anymore!"

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Song Stories

“San Francisco Mabel Joy”

Mickey Newbury | 1969

A country-folk song of epic proportions, "San Francisco Mabel Joy" tells the tale of a poor Georgia farmboy who wound up in prison after a move to the Bay Area found love turning into tragedy. First released by Mickey Newbury in 1969, it might be more familiar through covers by Waylon Jennings, Joan Baez and Kenny Rogers. "It was a five-minute song written in a two-minute world," Newbury said. "I was told it would never be cut by any artist ... I was told you could not use the term 'redneck' in a song and get it recorded."

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