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“Sacred Love”

Bad Brains | 1986

Serving a prison sentence for marijuana possession did not stop Bad Brains singer H.R. from recording the vocals to "Sacred Love" - a song about keeping a relationship alive between a prisoner and his girlfriend on the outside. As Bad Brains manager, Anthony Countey, recounted, "He'd gotten to be one of the guys that gets to sweep up, and he got to be near the payphone, when nobody else was around." Added guitarist Dr. Know, "Ron [St. Germain, producer] had him unscrew the mouthpiece and hold it up like a microphone, and hold the headset part, so it wouldn't get feedback." The end result was one of the Brains' most rockin' love songs.

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Song Stories

“Santa Monica”

Everclear | 1996

After his brother and girlfriend both died of drug overdoses, Art Alexakis -- depressed and hooked on drugs himself -- jumped off the Santa Monica Pier in California, determined to die. "It was really stupid," said the Everclear frontman, who would further explore his personal emotional journey in the song "Father of Mine." "I went under the water. Then I said, 'I don't wanna die.'" The song, declaring "Let's swim out past the breakers/and watch the world die," was intended as a manifesto for change, Alexakis said. "Let the world do what it's gonna do and just live on our own."

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