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“Reckless Serenade”

Arctic Monkeys | 2011

Lead Monkeys man Alex Turner was inspired to write this romantic tune, from the Suck It and See album, by a band not exactly famous for creating romantic tunes. "It's just a love song, I suppose," Turner said. "In terms of the sound, I guess some of the stuff we were listening to was like the Pixies." For the album as a whole, Turner channeled other influences besides the Boston indie rockers. "I wanted a good song foundation on this one, so that meant listening to Nick Cave, John Cale, Lou Reed, [David] Bowie, Leonard Cohen."

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Song Stories


Tune-Yards | 2011

The opening track to Merrill Garbus’ second album under the Tune-Yards banner (she also plays in the trio Sister Suvi), “Bizness” is a song about relationships that is as colorful as the face paint favored by Garbus both live and in her videos. Disjointed funk bass, skittering African beats, diced-and-sliced horns and Garbus’ dynamic voice, which ranges from playful coos to throat-shredding howls, make “Bizness” reminiscent of another creative medium. “I'd like for them not to be songs as much as quilts or collages or something,” Garbus said.

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