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“Mrs. Robinson”

The Lemonheads | 1992

The Lemonheads are perhaps best known for their pop punk cover of the Simon and Garfunkel classic "Mrs. Robinson." But the band recorded the cover song on a whim and lead singer Evan Dando is not very excited about it's success. "I don't like it. It was all just a weird coincidence anyway," Dando told the Tallahassee Democrat. The band recorded the song in about three hours. "The Dickies did a version of 'Mrs. Robinson' that's much better," Dando said. "I don't know why that one never caught on and ours did. I'll never live that one down."

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Song Stories

“I Was Made to Love Her”

Stevie Wonder | 1967

Stevie Wonder discovered true love while still a teenager, writing this ode to young love when he was only 17. The song, Wonder explained, "kind of speaks of my first love, to a girl named Angie, who was a very beautiful woman. She's married now. Actually, she was my third girlfriend but my first love. I used to call Angie up and we would talk and say, 'I love you, I love you,' and we'd talk and we'd both go to sleep on the phone.” The Beach Boys, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston and Boyz II Men have all recorded versions of "I Was Made to Love Her."

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