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“I Saw Her Standing There”

The Beatles | 1963

Under the working title "Seventeen," the song that would eventually become "I Saw Her Standing There" was a staple of Beatles concerts circa 1962, when they would jam it out for minutes on end. The song's muse was Paul McCartney's lady interest, Iris Caldwell, who was indeed just 17 when they met in 1961. McCartney admits that the bass line was lifted from "I'm Talking About You" by Chuck Berry, which the Beatles often covered. "I played the exact same notes as he did," says McCartney, "and it fitted our number perfectly."

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Song Stories


The Pack | 2006

Berkeley, California rappers the Pack made their footwear choice clear in 2006 with the song "Vans." The track caught the attention of Too $hort, who signed them to his imprint. MTV refused to play the video for the song, though, claiming it was essentially a commercial for the product. Rapper Lil' B disagreed. "I didn’t know nobody [at] Vans," he said. "I was just a rapper who wore Vans." Even without MTV's support, Lil' B recognized the impact of the track. "God blessed me with such a revolutionary song… People around my age know who really started a lot of the dressing people are into now."

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