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“Holiday in Cambodia”

Dead Kennedys | 1980

Ominous guitar and bass riffs that growled and yelped underpinned "Holiday in Cambodia," Jello Biafra rant-singing against privileged young brats who needed to experience the horrors of Cambodia firsthand. Co-writer Biafra drew upon his experiences observing frat boys and sorority girls while delivering pizza to college dorms. The song, he recalled, was about "drunk jocks and the idiot women who pursue them. I guess I just juxtaposed that with the reports coming out of Cambodia."

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Song Stories

“Whoomp! (There It Is)”

Tag Team | 1993

Cecil Glenn — a.k.a., "D.C." — was a cook at Magic City, a nude dance club in Atlanta, when he first heard women shout "Whoomp — there it is!" Inspired by the party chant, he and partner Steve "Roll'n" Gibson wrote a song around it. Undaunted by label rejections, they borrowed $2,500 from Glenn's parents and pressed 800 singles, which quickly sold out in the Atlanta area. A record deal came soon after. Glenn said the song was meant for positive partying. "If you're going to say 'Whoomp there it is,' and you're doing something negative, we'd rather it not have come out of your mouth."

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