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“Guitars, Cadillacs”

Dwight Yoakam | 1986

When Yoakam first saw the scene that used this song in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day," he noticed an odd coincidence. The redneck bar that Arnold Schwarzenegger's cyborg character enters while naked was a San Fernando Valley cop-cowboy club called the Corral, where Yoakam had once performed regularly for a year. That era of playing traditional country music in L.A. -- Nashville thought he was too country -- inspired this song. "I was in L.A., wandering around," he said. "I'd been here nine years, driving air-freight trucks, furniture-moving trucks, trying to get somebody to notice the music." Eventually, he found fans among punk crowds.

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Mariah Carey | 1995

Serendipity stuck when Mariah Carey rediscovered the glitchy Tom Tom Club hook, a sample of which is the heart of this upbeat slice of dance pop. "I had the melody idea for 'Fantasy' and I was listening to the radio and heard 'Genius of Love,' and I hadn't heard it in a long time," Carey said. "It reminded me of growing up and listening to the radio and that feeling the song gave me seemed to go with the melody and basic idea I had for 'Fantasy.' I initially told [co-writer] Dave Hall about the idea, and we did it. We called up the Tom Tom Club and they were really into it."

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