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“Genius of Love”

Tom Tom Club | 1981

A hybrid of frothy pop love song and deep funk, "Genius of Love" mixed heavy handclaps and high female vocals with a bit of rap, as well as whimsical lyrics that namechecked greats like Bootsy Collins and Bob Marley. Speaking in Rip It Up! Rock & Roll Rulebreakers, Talking Heads keyboardist Jerry Harrison tagged it as "one of the most sampled songs of all time, besides [James Brown's] 'Funky Drummer.'" Added Chris Frantz in the same book, "'Genius of Love' was highly influenced by the band Zapp. 'More Bounce to the Ounce,' to be specific."

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Song Stories

“Don't Dream It's Over”

Crowded House | 1986

Early in the sessions for Crowded House's debut album, the band and producer Mitchell Froom were still feeling each other out, and at one point Froom substituted session musicians for the band's Paul Hester and Nick Seymour. "At the time it was a quite threatening thing," Neil Finn told Rolling Stone. "The next day we recorded 'Don't Dream It's Over,' and it had a particularly sad groove to it — I think because Paul and Nick had faced their own mortality." As for the song itself, "It was just about on the one hand feeling kind of lost, and on the other hand sort of urging myself on — don't dream it's over," Finn explained.

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