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“Forever Young”

Bob Dylan | 1974
Dylan cut two versions of this blessing to a child of traits, actions, goals and hopes to take into adulthood. A ballad closes side one of his album Planet Waves and a country rocker, entitled ”Forever Young (Continued),” recorded with The Band, kicks off side two. Dylan, a father of four by 1974, and has said he wrote it for his son Jesse. The Pretenders; Chrissie Hynde, who covered the song in 1994, said, "It's got such a beautiful lyric…The song is genius." In 2009, will.i.am remixed it for a Pepsi ad. Illustrator Paul Rodgers also published a kid's book based on the lyrics.
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Lou Reed | 1972

Opening Lou Reed's 1972 solo album, the hard-riffing "Vicious" actually traces its origin back to Reed's days with the Velvet Underground. Picking up bits and pieces of songs from the people and places around him, and filing his notes for later use, Reed said it was Andy Warhol who provided fuel for the song. "He said, 'Why don't you write a song called 'Vicious,'" Reed told Rolling Stone in 1989. "And I said, 'What kind of vicious?' 'Oh, you know, vicious like I hit you with a flower.' And I wrote it down literally."

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