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“Foolish Games”

Jewel | 1997

The lyrics of this song about unreturned love began as a poem Jewel Kilcher wrote at age 16, when she first started keeping a serious journal. The verse was "about a relationship that I was dramatically involved in on paper," she said. "I'm sure he knew nothing of it." A year later, it evolved into a song. "I think the woman is looking at herself saying, 'Why am I involved in a relationship where I'm selling myself so short?'" Like with her earlier song "You Were Meant for Me," Kilcher rerecorded "Foolish Games" for radio, unhappy with the original.

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Song Stories

“Stillness Is the Move”

Dirty Projectors | 2009

A Wim Wenders film and a rapper inspired the Dirty Projectors duo David Longstreth and Amber Coffmanto write "sort of a love song." "We rented the movie Wings of Desire from Dave's brother's recommendation, and he had me go through it and just write down some things that I found interesting, and they made it into the song," Coffman said. As for the hip-hop connection, Longstreth explained, "The beat is based on T-Pain. We commissioned a radio mix of the song by the guy who mixes all of Timbaland's records, but the mix we made sounded way better, so we didn't use it."

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