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Thin Lizzy | 1976

Phil Lynott's storytelling lyrics are mainly what Thin Lizzy are primarily known for. But another major stylistic component was their twin guitar harmonies heard in such tunes as "Emerald." The song features both guitar harmonies and an extended guitar solo trade-off between Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson. Lynott explained that the lyrics did not refer to a specific time of Irish history, however. "No, I was just thinking of a generalization. That's why I said, 'Down from the glen came the marchin' men with their shields and their swords.' It was just to show that violence has been going on for years. You could almost relate it any period of time."

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Tune-Yards | 2011

The opening track to Merrill Garbus’ second album under the Tune-Yards banner (she also plays in the trio Sister Suvi), “Bizness” is a song about relationships that is as colorful as the face paint favored by Garbus both live and in her videos. Disjointed funk bass, skittering African beats, diced-and-sliced horns and Garbus’ dynamic voice, which ranges from playful coos to throat-shredding howls, make “Bizness” reminiscent of another creative medium. “I'd like for them not to be songs as much as quilts or collages or something,” Garbus said.

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