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Cher | 1998

From singing backup vocals on Phil Spector’s glorious Wall of Sound productions as a teen to six decades of Number One hits in the pop, rock and dance spheres, Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPiere has always been at the forefront of musical trends. Add to those achievements her recording of “Believe,” the very song that introduced the Auto-Tune altered-vocal effect to pop music. And when it, too, reached Number One, Cher became the oldest female artist to top the U.S. singles charts, at age 52. When asked if she actually does believe in a life after love, the pop diva replied, “Definitely. I’ve experienced it. It’s been a long time; I’ve never been alone this long.”

Find out which Nineties rock icon’s death had a strong effect on Cher.
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“Stillness Is the Move”

Dirty Projectors | 2009

A Wim Wenders film and a rapper inspired the Dirty Projectors duo David Longstreth and Amber Coffmanto write "sort of a love song." "We rented the movie Wings of Desire from Dave's brother's recommendation, and he had me go through it and just write down some things that I found interesting, and they made it into the song," Coffman said. As for the hip-hop connection, Longstreth explained, "The beat is based on T-Pain. We commissioned a radio mix of the song by the guy who mixes all of Timbaland's records, but the mix we made sounded way better, so we didn't use it."

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