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“Bad Motor Scooter”

Montrose | 1973

Montrose's self-titled 1973 debut album has been listed as an influence by various rockers over the years, including Van Halen -- which would later feature ex-Montrose member Sammy Hagar as their singer. And it was the six-string showcase "Bat Motor Scooter" that helped form the initial union between Hagar and guitarist Ronnie Montrose. "I had no experience whatsoever," Hagar recalled to Rolling Stone. "I just wrote the first four songs in my life, which were 'Bad Motor Scooter,' 'Make It Last,' 'One Thing on My Mind' and 'I Don't Want It,' played them for Ronnie [Montrose] upon first meeting, shook my hand and said, 'Let's start a band.' I went from zero to a hundred."

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Song Stories

“You Oughta Know”

Alanis Morissette | 1995

This blunt, bitter breakup song -- famous for its line "Would she go down on you in a theater?" -- was long rumored to be about Alanis Morissette getting dumped by Full House actor Dave Coulier. But while she never confirmed it was about him (Coulier himself says it is, however), she insisted the song wasn't all about scorn. "By no means is this record just a sexual, angry record," she told Rolling Stone. "The song wasn't written for the sake of revenge. It was written for the sake of release. I'm actually a pretty rational, calm person."

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