The Playlist Special: Top Artists Pick Their Personal Top 10

The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach: Badass Guitars

"Guitar bores the shit out of me 99 percent of the time," says the Black Keys frontman. "A solo has to be strange: There's gotta be that little 'crack' element, where it sounds like part of the song has been smoking crack."









Listen: Dan Auerbach's Top Songs With Badass Guitars

  • 1.
    "Shot Down" | The Sonics, 1965

    A gnarly, over-the-top precursor to punk that was never really outdone by punk.

  • 2.
    "Dearest" | Mickey & Sylvia, 1957

    Mickey Baker was underrated magic.

  • 3.
    "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know" | Blood, Sweat & Tears, 1968

    It's very much like an Isaac Hayes song, but with fuzz guitar way up front. It's just cool.

  • 4.
    "Heart Full Of Love" | The Invincibles, 1965

    My favorite soul song of all time. It's perfect.

  • 5.
    "Your Body, Not Your Soul" | Cuby and the Blizzards, 1966

    Completely bonkers. They're a Sixties European garage band, and everybody's bashing in unison.

  • 6.
    "All Night Long" | Junior Kimbrough, 1992

    He'd play the rhythm part, locking in with the drums in a hypnotic way. It's not blues; it's weird North Mississippi soul.

  • 7.
    "The Spook" | Pete Drake, 1964

    It sounds like Ethiopian music recorded at Stax.

  • 8.
    "Commotion" | Creedence Clearwater Revival, 1969

    Fogerty played a fucking miniature Rickenbacker through a solid-state Kustom amp. Nobody used that shit; his whole sound was unique.

  • 9.
    "Some Kinda Nut" | Moon Men, 1963

    The most aggressive, I-wanna-kill-you guitar ever put to tape. It's like Link Wray's trying to destroy people's minds with the solos in this song.

  • 10.
    "Space Guitar" | Johnny "Guitar" Watson, 1953

    He used to have, like, a 50-foot guitar cable, and he'd go through the audience playing guitar on his buddy's shoulders. He was a total showman, and you hear that on this song: crazy, showy, with wild studio effects.