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Miranda Lambert: Revenge Songs

"Revenge songs are just so passionate," says the country superstar, who has specialized in the art of evening the score ever since her 2005 single "Kerosene" (in which she torches her ex's house). "I love songs that make you feel emotion," she says. "These songs do that for me."






Listen: Miranda Lambert's Top Revenge Songs

  • 1.
    "Ring The Alarm" | Beyoncé, 2006

    You can really hear the fire in her on this song, about a boyfriend that's been cheating. I wouldn't wanna be on the other side of that!

  • 2.
    "Fist City" | Loretta Lynn, 1968

    It's one girl telling another girl, "I'm gonna kick your ass if you don't stay away from my man." Which is awesome. I sing this onstage with the Pistol Annies.

  • 3.
    "Fuck You" | Cee Lo Green, 2010

    I love that Cee Lo just went for it – he doesn't hold back. I'm not sure that the country audience would accept the f– word, but I could sing the radio version of this song. Definitely.

  • 4.
    "Before He Cheats" | Carrie Underwood, 2005

    Carrie and I sang this together recently. I love the video, where she smashes up the truck. I'm actually jealous of that part: I wanted to do that myself.

  • 5.
    "Framed" | Chris Knight, 1997

    He's framed for a murder by this guy, who ends up taking his girl. But at the end, he kills the guy who framed him. It's a sad song. You can hear his angst.

  • 6.
    "Wake Up Call" | Maroon 5, 2007

    In this song, Adam Levine doesn't want the guy around anymore, and he puts it nonchalantly: "I had to shoot him dead." That's what's fun about songs: You can play a character.

  • 7.
    "Goodbye Earl" | Dixie Chicks, 1999

    The girl in the song is a victim of domestic abuse, so she and her friend kill her husband and dump him in the lake – but there's humor in it. I love that.

  • 8.
    "Since U Been Gone" | Kelly Clarkson, 2004

    The message is, "I'm fine without you." That's a form of revenge in itself.

  • 9.
    "Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad" | Tammy Wynette, 1967

    A lot of Tammy's songs were about making it work – standing by your man. I love this because she's saying, "I'm tired of being the good girl."

  • 10.
    "Trailer For Rent" | Pistol Annies, 2011

    I had to put my girls on the list. It's about a woman who's just tired of dealing with her man. She's not mad. She doesn't freak out. She just walks.