The Playlist Special: Top Artists Pick Their Personal Top 10

Ke$ha: Party Starters

When Ke$ha was 15, she went to a party that stayed with her. "The couch was on fire, there were sweaty, shirtless people dancing," she says. "That's why I do what I do: I like seeing people lose their shit and not give a fuck about what other people think of them."









Listen: Ke$ha's Top Party Starters

  • 1.
    "Sympathy For The Devil" | The Rolling Stones, 1968

    At the beginning, you have the jungle beat and the screaming. It could be a human being or a bird. But whatever it is, it makes me want to go fucking crazy.

  • 2.
    "School's Out" | Alice Cooper, 1972

    Recently somebody referenced "Tik Tok" as a more contemporary pop version of "School's Out." I just played the song with Alice at the Whiskey, actually. The thing gets my blood boiling. It's just an anthem for every adolescent.

  • 3.
    "Bohemian Rhapsody" | Queen, 1975

    I first heard this in Wayne's World, my favorite movie. My friends and I used to get fucked up in L.A. and ride around in our version of the Mirthmobile and scream it at the top of our lungs.

  • 4.
    "White Room" | Cream, 1968

    The first time I heard this, it came on the radio when I was getting laid in the back of a car. I was like, "Whatever this is, it's my new favorite song."

  • 5.
    "Thickfreakness" | The Black Keys, 2003

    This takes me back to when I used to chase the Black Keys around Southern California at 17. I met them a few times, and they were terrified of me.

  • 6.
    "Real Wild Child (Wild One)" | Iggy Pop, 1986

    This is my theme song. It's my walk-off music at shows. Iggy is one of my ultimate heroes.

  • 7.
    "Hey Ya" | OutKast, 2003

    One of the best songs of hip-hop ever. A party anthem forever.

  • 8.
    "Black Dog" | Led Zeppelin, 1971

    The other night I got back from a strip club in Portland, this came on, and I started destroying my hotel room. Granted, I was hammered, and it was a full moon.

  • 9.
    "Honky Tonkin'" | Hank Williams, 1946

    This is the original tearing-up-the-club song. It just makes me want to drink whiskey.

  • 10.
    "Psycho Killer" | Talking Heads, 1977

    David Byrne is fucking amazing, and they pushed boundaries. My friends and I loved this song so much we decided to give each other "Psycho Killer" tattoos inside our lips, but we were so fucked up it ended being a disgusting, bloody mess. This comes on, I dance even if I'm dead sober.