World Wide Ween

Saucy duo to market double-live album on the Internet

The minute Ween do something that doesn't elicit a twisted grin or actually approaches the norm, the quirky duo may as well cease to exist. The ersatz Ween brothers, known for churlish numbers like "Waving My Dick in the Wind" and "She F---- Me," won't exactly break new ground for the upcoming Internet-only release of Ween Live, but the double-disc live album will have one Ween-esque abnormality: Disc two is over seventy minutes long, but only includes three songs.

The first two songs on disc two, "Poop Ship Destroyer" and "Vallejo," clock in at a combined sixty-plus minutes, according to a source close to the project. Disc one, in contrast, is also seventy-plus minutes, but includes sixteen Ween favorites, such as "Japanese Cowboy," "Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?," "I Can't Put My Finger On It" and "Mushroom Festival in Hell."

According to the source, the album will include live material recorded with every incarnation of Ween, including the early quartet version (which featured producer Andrew Weiss), 1994's Chocolate & Cheese tour with drummer Claude Coleman, 1996's 12 Golden Country Greats tour with Nashville musicians and the most recent, nautical-themed The Mollusk tour.

The album should be available for purchase on the Ween web site ( beginning next month, assuming the band's Elektra record label signs off on the project.