Woodstock Hooligans Caught in Police Web

Woodstock Hooligans Caught in Police Web


The New York State Police have moved into the millenium by posting photographs of the Woodstock conflagration on their website at in the hopes that some concerned NetHeads will identify some of the perpetrators who committed the crimes.| Lieutenant Mills from the police department's public information office said that they posted a number of published photographs of festival-goers caught in the act of setting fires in hopes of nabbing some of them. Mills revealed that they have had 4,200 hits on the site since they posted the pics last week and "countless phone calls."

Troopers are investigating a number of reported incidents, including larceny, criminal mischief and sexual assault. They ask that witnesses attempt to identify some of their out-of-control brethren, and also get in touch by either contacting Troop D Headquarters in Oneida at (315) 363-4400, Calling (800) 262-4321, or sending an e-mail to the NYSP Crime Watch at crimetip@troopers.state.ny.us. They promise that all information received will be handled in a confidential manner.

According to reports, the Associated Press, which provided some of the photos appearing on the site, complained that the use of their shots is a form of copyright infringement, but the NYSPD isn't budging. "AP asked us to remove the photographs yesterday, but we didn't," said a police spokesperson. "We're a non-profit. We're not making money off the pictures, we're using them to try to solve a crime."