Weezer Google Themselves, Share Results

Every month or so, Weezer bestow upon loyal Web site readers a comprehensive post that seems to get at pretty much anything the band has been amused by or has been pondering since the last post. So what's been cracking them up? In the band's welcome-to-the-end-of-February post (our title, not theirs) they point out a collection of Weezer covers by goofy YouTube-ers.

1. Malaysian Weezer tribute band Unlike Honey cover fan-love anthem "Across The Sea."

2. Appropriately geeky Weezer fan Tom Teslik covers "Holiday" in what appears to be an actual coffee house.

3. Weezer-head Daniel takes on "Jamie," proves he can splice multiple Weezer images together to create accompanying video.

Which one do you like best? Do you know of other, more excellent Weezer cover artists out there?