Watch Schoolboy Q's Crew Hold Up Pawn Shop in 'Tookie Knows II'

MC raps 'Blank Face' track from behind bars after heist

Schoolboy Q ends up in prison after a pawn shop robbery in his "Tookie Knows II" video.

In Schoolboy Q's latest clip, shortly after sticking up a pawn shop and going on a spending spree, the rapper and his accomplices end up in jail. The cell blocks provide the setting for a bracing series of verses from Schoolboy Q, Traffic and TF.  

The rappers take turns re-asserting their commitment to the streets. Traffic delivers his lines in a hoarse, scraping tone: "I'm holdin' the heat, he's watchin' the block  I'm watchin' for cops, I'm holdin' these rocks/ Fiends keep comin', this shit don't stop."

Last week, Schoolboy Q's unveiled the video for "By Any Means," the first installment in a short film. "Tookie Knows II" is the second part. At the end of the clip, Schoolboy Q is thrown into a police van with other prisoners. Then the screen goes dark and promises more to come: "to be continued."

"Tookie Knows II" is slated to appear on Schoolboy Q's forthcoming Blank Face LP. The album includes rapping from Kanye West, Jadakiss, and E-40 along with production from the likes of Metro Boomin and Alchemist. Blank Face hits shelves July 8th.