Watch Joel McHale Play Bjork on 'Lip Sync Battle'

Comedian squared off against former 'Community' co-star Jim Rash, who impersonated Pink

Joel McHale impersonated Bjork in a 'Lip Sync Battle' against former 'Community' co-star Jim Rash.

Most Lip Sync Battle guests mime ubiquitous hit singles, like Channing Tatum going full-diva on Beyoncé's "Run the World" or Justin Bieber exploring his dark side with Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train." But Joel McHale dug deeper with his Thursday appearance. The Community star channeled the theatrics of Björk's 1995 hit "It's Oh So Quiet" (and its Spike Jonze video). 

The comedian frolicked on a stage filled with dancers, scuba divers and fake brass musicians. His rival, former Community co-star Jim Rash, countered with a glam-rock take on Pink's "So What," featuring intricate choreography built on equal parts air guitar and air-humping. "I wanna start a fight," he mimed during the chorus, pointing at McHale.