Video: Why Coachella Was Life-Affirming for the Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Brooklyn indie band talk about getting psyched to play for a huge festival crowd

The Brooklyn indie pop quintet the Pains of Being Pure at Heart played one of the biggest shows of their career on day one of Coachella. "It's still surreal, especially at Coachella, to play in front of so many people, a definite crowd," keyboardist Peggy Wang told Rolling Stone after the set. "There's something really special and kind of life-affirming to be on a stage at Coachella playing in front of a bunch of people," frontman Kip Berman said. "It was really cool, we were psyched!"

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Wang also explained the concept for the band's video for their single "Heart in Your Heartbreak." "I always wanted to make a video in a Sam Ash or Guitar Center type of store," she said. "All the instruments are there, and growing up and going to the local suburban music store was always this really intimidating experience." You can watch the clip below.