The Sheepdogs Drink, Rock and Rile Up Bonnaroo Crowd

Watch the Saskatoon band give it their all in Choose the Cover final battle

Jeff Gentner/WireImage
The Sheepdogs perform at Bonnaroo, June 11, 2011.

“It’s sweaty, it’s dirty and I love it!” Sheepdogs frontman Ewan Currie told the sweltering Bonnaroo crowd at This Tent Saturday afternoon. The band was loose and assured during their half-hour set, which began with Currie asking for a bottle opener from the crowd, catching one and opening a beer. They were there to have fun, and so were the fans: smoke immediately filled the air once they started, as supporters waved Canadian flags.

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The Saskatoon band kicked off their battle against Lelia Broussard with the slow-burning of “Who?” with ZZ Top swagger, and segued into “The One You Belong To,” with gorgeous three-part harmonies that recall the Beatles. Next were “Please Don’t Lead Me On,” with a raucous blues jam, and the jangly Zeppelin-like “I Don’t Know,” featuring blistering solos from Currie and guitarist Leot Hanson.

“We come from the North – it’s a real treat for us to be down in Tennessee,” Currie said, praising the barbeque and culture, and kicking off “Southern Dreamin" with a funky rhythm, twin-guitar interplay and more spot-on harmonies that beat the heat. The set closed with the band jamming heavily with blazing three-chord “How Late, How Long,” and drummer Sam Corbett playing so hard he broke a stick.

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