Spector Gets Slammed In Court

The Ronettes finally got their day in court Tuesday, as a judge in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York heard first-day arguments in their lawsuit vs. producer Phil Spector.

The Ronettes -- whose Spector-helmed hits include "Be My Baby" and "Walking In The Rain" -- charge that the producer, his Philles Records label, and successor labels breached the group's 34-year-old contract by paying the members, led by Spector's ex-wife Ronnie Greenfield, no royalties since 1963.

The suit, filed in 1988, was held up by a slow discovery process and legal maneuvering. It asks for $12 million in damages, rescission of the contract, the return of the masters, and recoupment of all monies received by the defendants, minus expenses, from the sale of Ronettes masters.