Song Premiere: KOAN Sound's Futuristic Track 'Meanwhile, In The Future'

Listen to a song from the dubstep group's upcoming EP

KOAN Sound, 'Meanwhile, In The Future' Credit: Marianne Harris

Click to listen to KOAN Sound's 'Meanwhile, In The Future'

British dubstep group KOAN Sound is releasing their next EP, Funk Blaster, on Skrillex's new label, OWSLA, on November 1st. Their latest track, "Meanwhile, In The Future" has a space-age, electronic synth-groove throughout. KOAN Sound's Jim Bastow explains, "The idea for the track was to make a Seventies funky beat fast forward into the future. Instead of the slap bass carrying all the groove, it's the synths, so a lot of time went into making the basslines as tight and punchy as possible." KOAN Sound's Funk Blaster EP will be released on November 1st, but you can stream "Meanwhile, In The Future" for free here.