Rusko Juggles the Beat in 'Yeah' - Premiere

Dubstep DJ-producer offers track from new EP, 'Kapow'

Frank Maddox
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Click to listen to Rusko's 'Yeah'

The English dubstep producer and DJ Rusko is set to unleash his new EP, Kapow, on November 4th. One standout is the industrial glitch-hop track "Yeah," which served a template for the upbeat release. "It was the first song on the EP I wrote. I wanted to make a positive-sounding song that brings everyone together at the rave," Rusko tells Rolling Stone. 

The beat of "Yeah" rises and falls in intensity, making it well-suited for club floors. Rusko, who is currently on tour, adds, "I've been testing it out for awhile now and it's an awesome, hands-in-the-air moment every night."