Roger Waters Recording New Studio Album

Former Floyd bassist will finish recording new album following tour

Roger Waters fans starving for new music from the former Pink Floyd bassist may soon have reason to rejoice. Following the completion of the final leg of his In the Flesh Tour, which winds up on July 16 in Providence, R.I., Waters will return to the studio with his band and get to work recording songs for a forthcoming studio album, his first since 1992's Amused to Death.

Waters and most of his ten-piece band began work on the album prior to the tour, recording a handful of tracks at his vacation home in the Bahamas. He recently explained to DJ Jim Ladd for the SFX Network that five tracks were recorded, including "Each Small Candle," "Flicker and Flame" and one provisionally titled "Love in Spite of Traffic." Waters has been closing his shows with "Each Small Candle," which he penned last year following the NATO bombing of Kosovo.

"We did a month's work at Compas Point in Nassau with the band, except for Andy [Wallace] or the girls," said Waters. "I'd like to finish the lyrics, write a couple of more songs and go back in studio with the band, and learn the new songs, and see how the whole thing fits together and re-record them. That's the big difference. I'm working with the band and playing everything together at the same time."

Waters said that the new album will deal primarily with love. "I thought that what the whole album was going to be about [the concept behind] 'Each Small Candle,' -- the idea that we all have responsibility for our own behavior, and everything that everybody does in a life impinge on everyone else. But other songs are appearing and it seems to be broadening out from that concept," said Waters. "It may well still be called 'Each Small Candle,' because I like that title. But it now seems to be about love."

Waters also revealed that he has been recording many of the shows on his tour, "just like Phish," with an eye to perhaps releasing a live album.