QOTSA Bassist Goes It Alone

"All Is Forgotten" for Nick Oliveri

All Is Forgotten

"It was a hard record to make," Oliveri admits. "I never made an acoustic record before. Some of it is just me and an acoustic [guitar] recorded live in the studio, just singing and playing. But I added a lot of other guitars and other stuff, acoustic bass. There's no drums or anything like that."

The album will be released later this year by Duna Records, a label run by Mondo Generator and former Kyuss drummer Brant Bjork. "Brant wanted me to just be me -- live with an acoustic, but I was like, 'Well dude, I'm hearing these other parts that I want to throw down.' So I added some trinkets and bobbles, if you will [laughs]. I put horns on some stuff, and it really turned out cool."

The CD version of All Is Forgotten will feature twenty-one tracks, while a vinyl version will contain fifteen. Among the songs is the charming album opener, "Brown Pussy," as well as "One More Time In Hell," "Demolition Day" "Paper Thin" and "All That I've Got," a track Oliveri originally wrote for the next QOTSA record. The album also boasts new versions of QOTSA's "Auto Pilot" and Mondo Generator's "Simple Exploding Man."

Speaking of Mondo, the band -- Oliveri on vocals, Bjork on drums, Dave Catching on guitar and Molly McGuire on bass -- has begun work on its next album. "We just recorded a couple tunes, 'Going All the Way Down' and 'Life of Sin.' A lot of it is being thrown together in the studio, which is what I've been doing -- writing on the spot and then singing on the spot -- and it's working fine."