Prophets of Rage Is 'Not a Rage Against the Machine Reunion'

Source sheds light on mysterious Rage Against the Machine-related project

Source sheds light on 'Prophets of Rage,' mysterious Rage Against the Machine-related project.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Rage Against the Machine directed fans to the website that has a countdown clock set for May 31st. Fans connected the cryptic website to a series of posters cropping up around Los Angeles that read: "Clear the way for the Prophets of Rage. The Party's Over. Summer 2016."

Among the curious fans are Nikki Sixx and Questlove, who speculated about what all the vague signs mean. "It only took 16 years WTF guys?!" Questlove tweeted. posited that Rage could be playing an anti-Trump rally at the Republican National Convention. The news generated so much Internet buzz that nearly crashed.

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Rage reunited in 2007 for a successful world tour and last played at a one-off concert at L.A. Rising Festival in 2011. Last year, Rolling Stone asked Commerford if the band would ever play again. "Anything's possible. We are still a band, and we still might play again. We don't have anything scheduled right now, but you never know what the future will bring."