Paramore's Hayley Williams on Guns, Girl Groups and Great Bands

In RS1047, contributing editor Jenny Eliscu spoke to Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams about lyrical inspiration, Williams' evolving taste ('NSync to New Found Glory) and how to properly soundtrack a make-out session. Here are some outtakes from their conversation. Plus: click here to take a peek at the hunting gear, Cocoa Puffs, tiny instruments and other items inside Paramore's tour bus.Williams on Paramore's Tennessee RootsWilliams on Female-Fronted Acts
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Copeland: The first real show that I think I ever went to was Copeland and they were playing with a band called Celebrity. There were probably 200 kids there at this little room in Nashville called the End. We were there every weekend seeing bands like Love Drug and Copeland and Celebrity. There was a time where Copeland came to the End three times in one month, and I was there at every show. It was amazing. I still miss those days, because it was such a growing time for me, just hearing new music all the time.