Nicki Minaj Gets in Fight With Maid

Rapper may have been confused about maid's identity

Nicki Minaj Credit: Jason LaVeris/Getty

Nicki Minaj reportedly clashed with her former maid at her home in Hollywood earlier this morning. According to TMZ, Minaj fired the maid a few weeks ago after she took a photo of the rapper taking out the trash and asked her to autograph it. The maid returned to Minaj's house demanding not to be "treated like an animal," which resulted in the performer allegedly shouting, "I'll show you how to treat someone like an animal. Get the fuck out of my house!"

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One source suggests that Minaj actually mistook a different maid for the one who was fired. Either way, the maid has reportedly filed a battery report with police, claiming that Minaj and her boyfriend got physical with her when ejecting her from the house.