Mick Jagger's Return to Film

In 'Freejack,' Jagger stars alongside Anthony Hopkins

Mick Jagger Rolling Stones Live
Paul Natkin/WireImage
Mick Jagger perfoms on stage in the early 1990s.
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Most actors who let twenty years pass between films might be in a bit of a slump, but luckily, Mick Jagger has a day job. After wrapping up the Rolling Stones tour, he also wrapped Freejack, in which he stars with current movie cannibal Anthony Hopkins. For his big-screen return, Jagger plays a twenty-first-century bounty hunter with the enviable and admirable task of stalking and trying to kill Emilio Estevez.

This story is from the June 27, 1991 issue of Rolling Stone.

From The Archives Issue 607: June 27, 1991