Mick Jagger on Prince: 'His Talent Was Limitless'

Rolling Stones rockers Jagger and Ron Wood remember musical icon

Mick Jagger and Ron Wood salute Prince, the 'revolutionary' musician who died at age 57. Credit: Michael Brennan/Getty, Trinity Mirror/Mirrorpix/Alamy

Mick Jagger expressed deep regret over the death of Prince on Thursday. "I am so saddened," the Rolling Stones frontman wrote. "Prince was a revolutionary artist, a wonderful musician and composer. He was an original lyricist and a startling guitar player. His talent was limitless. He was one of the most unique and exciting artists of the last 30 years."

Jagger has long supported Prince's artistry. In a 1995 Rolling Stone cover story, Jagger told Jann Wenner that Prince had been overlooked and had many similarities to James Brown as a performer.

"He broke a lot of musical modes and invented a lot of styles and couldn't keep up with himself," said Jagger. "[He is] very prolific, which is rare. Mostly people write three songs and repeat themselves. Prince has a lot of talent as a writer, and I've seen great performances by Prince. He's outperformed almost everyone. I'd rate him at the top. I don't think there's a lot of competition from new artists."

On Friday, Keith Richards lauded the icon as "a true original" and a "great guitar player." 

Ron Wood wrote of Prince: "I will miss a good friend who was so talented. He was such a great performer/guitar player. Sleep well Prince."