Lynne Spears May Be Outing Britney on Drugs, Sex in Tell-All Book

Originally envisioned as a guide to parenting, Britney's mom Lynne Spears' book has instead reportedly morphed into a scandalous tell-all documenting the tabloid-worthy lives of her two daughters. According to In Touch Weekly, Lynne Spears: Through the Storm attempts to paint the Spears matriarch as a good mother despite the press' claims of her being a terrible stage mom. Lynne claims she "never had any intention of profiting off her girls." Lynne also discusses how she liked Kevin Federline, and that during Britney's breakdown last year, Lynne's "heart broke into a million pieces when she saw the look of despondency in Britney's eyes." That's In Touch's preview. UK's The Sun tells a much darker and incendiary portrait of Spears' book. According to the admittedly sketchy UK tabloid, Lynne's claims include that Britney started drinking alcohol at 13, lost her virginity at 14 and was caught doing cocaine on a private jet at age 16. At the moment, this might all just be hearsay, but we'll find out the actual contents of the tell-all on September 16th when it hits bookstores.

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