Kelly Clarkson Loves Neil Diamond, The Green Monster

With resident lunatic Manny Ramirez being shipped to the Los Angeles Dodgers during the trade deadline, the Boston Red Sox have re-upped their insanity quotient thanks to Kelly Clarkson. In the video above the former American Idol winner is seen popping in and out of frame, wearing a backwards cap and singing (off-key, as Simon Cowell would note) along with the fans during Boston's ceremonial sing-along of Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline." The two other women in the video are reportedly are known simply as "Jill and Kate" and have served as back-up singers for Clarkson in the past. Either Clarkson is really excited to have such awesome seats atop the Green Monster, or — as the Bosox faithful used to say of Manny and as Clive Davis can attest — it's just Kelly being Kelly.