Kanye West Throws Tantrum in Europe

When West recently lost the Best Video award at the MTV EMA's, he apparently completely freaked out. Suddenly in possession of a mike, he climbed onstage while it was being announced that the winner (French dance act Justice Vs Simian for their "We Are Your Friends" video) was on tour in the States and therefore could not be there to accept the award.

Though the clip we saw of West's appearance has a bunch of French people talking over the broadcast (almost annoying as Kanye's pastel wardrobe) we definitely caught this genius sound bite coming out of West's mouth: "If I don't win, the awards show loses." Dude. Totally. West also mistook the host accepting Justice's award on the band's behalf for a member of the band. "Nothing against you man," West said, "I've never seen your video but hell no." Kanye, as per usual, thanks for the memories.

[via Nah Right]