JD McPherson Swings Into the Holidays With 'Twinkle (Little Christmas Lights)' - Premiere

Oklahoma singer offers preview of new yuletide rocker

JD McPherson Credit: Samantha Franklin

Click to listen to JD McPherson's 'Twinkle (Little Christmas Lights)'

The most wonderful time of the year is officially underway, and Oklahoma rock & roller JD McPherson has gifted fans with this new jump-jivin', wintertime sing-along, "Twinkle (Little Christmas Lights)."

"I love the whole of Christmas: lights, cold weather, sentiment, poinsettias, baby Jesus, popcorn laurels, Santa," McPherson tells Rolling Stone of the track, which will be available on iTunes on December 11th. "I even admire the well-tuned machine of commercialism. There are loads of holiday songs [but] only a handful of rockin', rollin' Christmas songs, though. So here's our offering."