Jackson 5 Kickin' It Again

The Jackson brothers are reuniting for a new album.

Jackie Jackson says that he and his brothers, Randy, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon,and Michael will record as the "J5" for MJJ Music, which will be distributed by A&M. It is to be the Jackson brothers' first new release in almost a decade.

"We are working in the studio putting some ideas down and working with new writers and producers with some slammin', slammin' material," Jackson says. "It's going to be an incredible record. We're all excited."

Jackson says the album will have live instrumentation and hip-hop beats. He added that he and his brothers will also appear on Michael's upcoming solo album. A spokesman for MJJ Productions confirms that something is in the works, but that nothing is finalized. A&M declines to comment on the project.