Isaak Revisits Past for 'Eyes Wide Shut'-Related Video

Isaak Revisits Past for 'Eyes Wide Shut'-Related Video


Chris Isaak is taking time out from his seemingly never-ending tour to film a video for "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing," a standout track from the rockabilly pin-up's 1995 album Forever Blue.| Why make a video for a song that's more than four years old? Because it's featured in Eyes Wide Shut, the controversial final film by director Stanley Kubrick. The song already has been featured as the musical bed behind the steamy sex scenes between Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in the film's trailer.

Shooting the video will be fashion photographer Herb Ritts, who directed Isaak's eye-opening "Wicked Game" video nearly nine years ago. Once again, the undisputed star of the video is destined to be neither Isaak nor Ritts, but a beautiful fashion model. This time around, the role popularized by Helena Christensen in "Wicked Game" is to be played by Laetitia Casta, the twenty-one-year-old Normandy native who has graced the cover of Rolling Stone's 1998 "Hot Issue" and wowed audiences in the live-action French comic book flick Asterix et Obelix Contre Cesar alongside Gerard Depardieu and the effusive Roberto Benigni.

Filming for "Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing" is set to begin next week in Los Angeles and is expected to last three days.

Speaking of Isaak and bad things, the singer stumbled upon an unpleasant discovery last month while hanging out with his surfing pals on an island near the Canadian and Alaskan border: a human skull. Isaak was ready to call in the gendarmes, thinking he had been plunged into an episode of Columbo, until one of his friends, who just happened to be a doctor, took a closer look and assured him that the remains had been there for eons and they had probably stumbled upon nothing more nefarious than a burial ground. Needless to say, they left everything exactly as they had found it.