Hip Hop Vs. Country Music & E.T.

The U.S. Postal Service asks America to vote on their upcoming '80's stamp series

Which would you rather lick: E.T. (the extra terrestrial), Country Music, The Bonfire of the Vanities, Cats (the play, not the species), The Cosby Show...or Hip Hop Culture? Visit the U.S. Postal Service and you'll discover, "You've already voted for the nifty fifties, the groovy sixties, and the rockin' seventies. Now it's time to vote for the awesome eighties!"

That's right, the Post Office is making the 1980's line-up in their official 20th century commemorative stamp series and Hip Hop Culture is an official contender. And, to be sure you're not casting your vote in ignorance, each category has an informative "'80's facts" page.

Of HHC, they say, "DJs spun record turntables while an MC (master of ceremonies) "kicked" (rapped) rhymes to the beat," "it's "def" (cool) to be "chillin'" (hanging out) with your "crew" (friends)," and it, "shows us that despite physical differences, everyone shares common emotions like love and loneliness." Oh, sorry, that last one was from E.T.'s description.