Greaser's Passing: "Chico" Ryan Dead

Sha Na Na's "Chico" Ryan dead at 50

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He sang and played bass in one of the most popular novelty acts this side ofthe Village People. He was an international television star, and looked swellin a black motorcycle jacket and slicked-back hair. He was David Allen "Chico"Ryan of the retro-rock act Sha Na Na, and he passed away Sunday, July 26, inBoston of undisclosed causes. He was fifty years-old.

Ryan joined the group in 1973, four years too late for their gig at theoriginal Woodstock, but in plenty of time for their 1977-1981 hit televisionseries and appearance in 1978's Grease. Prior to joining the Na, Ryanwas a member of New Jersey's the Happenings, who had two Top 10 hits to theirname: "See You in September" in 1966 and "I Got Rhythm" in 1967.