Exit Music: The Radiohead Story

Radiohead fan lovingly and meticulously crafts a comprehensive look at Radiohead's rise to rockstardom

Cover of 'Exit Music: The Radiohead Story' by Mac Randall. Credit: Courtesy Photo

By Mac Randall
Delta Trade Paperbacks

Biographies are written either by fans or enemies. Exit Music: The Radiohead Story places author Mac Randall firmly in the former camp. Randall isn't the band's official biographer, but his book – the first Radiohead bio published in the States – isn't hurting for lack of access. The band's rise from "Creep"-y one-hit wonders to rock giants is told in its own words. That clip-combing devotion, along with Randall's trivia-filled dissections of Radiohead's CDs, makes Exit Music useful for even the group's most hardcore devotees.

This story is from the November 9th, 2000 issue of Rolling Stone.