Exclusive Stream: The Kooks Get Funky on New Tunes

Preview three songs from Brits' new record 'Junk of the Heart'

The Kooks 'Junk of the Heart' Credit: Courtesy of EMI

Following the success of the Kooks' first two albums, Inside In/Inside Out and Konk, which produced fun, catchy sing-alongs like "Naive" and "She Moves in Her Own Way," the English pop rockers are set to release a new record called Junk of the Heart on September 13th. The group already released the title track but are now debuting three more songs: "Is It Me," "Time Above The Earth" and "Petulia."

Fans of the band anxiously awaiting the album's release should be happy, as Junk of the Heart continues in a very Kook-y direction. However, frontman Luke Pritchard is candid with his influences. Regarding "Is It Me" – a funky, upbeat song about love gone wrong -- he cites LCD Soundsystem as a source of inspiration. "I really wanted the drums to sound like a track off Sound of Silver – you know, really Tom Tom Club-y," he says. "The programming on that track is amazing."